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About the Course

Whtat's is Teyl?

The Premier Course for Teachers of English to Young Learners

It takes special skills to teach English to children. We are the only online course that focuses strictly on training teachers of young learners. Our course was developed by professional teachers and our specially trained tutors will ensure that you attain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to succeed in the classroom.
With our Teyl-JAPAN Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, you can be sure that you are learning the latest methods and approaches in teaching English to children.

Advantage of the Teyl-JAPAN Course

  • Start anytime and learn at your own pace.
  • Study from any computer with Internet access.
  • Receive the most up-to-date information on teaching English to young learners.
  • Get immediate feedback with interactive quizzes and activities.
  • Enjoy unlimited contact with your own personal tutor.
  • Exchange ideas with TEYL professionals.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to the Teyl-JAPAN database of English teaching resources.

The Teyl-JAPAN Learning Process

It's Easy!

After registration, you will receive your User ID and Password.
Study from any computer with Internet access.
Your tutor will help you schedule your studies.
Your tutor will guide you through the course step by step.
After completing one of two certification options, receive your Certification.

Our course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence that you need to become a true professional.

Course Outline

We provide a logical sequence of learning and use the modular approach to maximize efficiency. Here is the course outline:


Course Introduction

  • Should you be teaching children? (with self-assessment questionnaire)
  • The Science of Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Course Resources
  • Online Resources and Study Tips

Module 1 - Characteristics of a Young Learner

  • Defining a Young Learner
  • First Language Development
  • Learning a Second Language
  • Parenting and Communication
  • Psychological Development and the Role of Motivation
  • Social Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Physical Development
  • Cultural Considerations
  • Interaction Strategy or Philosophy

Module 2 - Learning and Language

  • What is Language?
  • Learning a Second Language
  • Grammar Goblins
  • Phonology - The Sound of Language
  • The Four Skills

Module 3 - Classroom Management

  • The Makings of a Good Teacher
  • Behavior Management (includes Discipline)
  • Classroom Atmosphere
  • Classroom Safety

Module 4 - Instructive Strategy

  • Using Gestures and Flashcards
  • Using Games
  • Using Music, Songs, and Chants
  • Using Dance and Movement
  • Using Dialogue, Drama, and Poetry
  • Using Stories and Storytelling
  • Using Crafts and Activities
  • Project Work
  • Using Technology in the Classroom
  • Pair and Group Work
  • Including Phonology in Lessons
  • Error Correction

Module 5 - Resource Management

  • Free-form Lesson Planning
  • Where to get ideas! (includes an Idea and Resource Guide with hundreds of sources for lesson plan ideas)
  • Building a Set of Re-Usable Resources
  • Material Evaluation

Module 6 - Professional Development

  • Adapting to Your Environment
  • Team Teaching
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Working Freelance or Owning Your Own School
  • Further Education

Module 7 - Elementary School English Instructor Certification Course Standard Curriculum

  • Objectives and Significance of Elementary School Foreign Language (English) Instruction
  • Aspects of International Awareness and Understanding
  • The Understanding of Language Acquisition
  • Elementary School Foreign Language (English) Methods of Instruction
  • Classroom Management
  • Creating a Concrete Syllabus for Elementary School Foreign Language (English) Classes
  • Instructional Techniques for Elementary School Foreign Language (English) Classes
  • Views and Standards of Assessment for Foreign Language (English) Instruction

Certification Option 1 - Portfolio

  • TASK 1 - Short Answer Test
  • TASK 2 - Annotated Bibliography
  • TASK 3 - Plans, Teaching Portfolio, Video, or Reflective Project
  • Alumni Services

Certification Option 2 - Paper

  • Choosing Your Topic
  • The Rough Draft and Research
  • Establishing a Purpose and a Pattern
  • Revising and Polishing Your Paper
  • Alumni Services


  • To give you the special skills required to properly instruct children.
  • To help you understand a child on all levels (physical, emotional, intellectual, and others).
  • To show you how to interact well with young learners in a classroom.
  • To let you explore methods that work best in teaching English to young learners.
  • To teach you how to create a good classroom atmosphere for learning English.
  • To help you properly manage children's behavior.
  • To demonstrate how to use teaching resources easily and efficiently.
  • To allow you to acquire proper instructive strategies using flashcards, stories, music, drama, crafts, games, projects, and pair work.
  • To further develop your teaching career and to increase your level of professionalism.

Course Fee

\86,400 (Tax Included)
* Discounts are available in some cases. Contact Teyl-JAPAN for more information.

Recommended Time for Completion

60 hours. * May vary depending on individual study patterns.

Course Tutor

Every Teyl-JAPAN course participant is assigned a personal tutor.
Tutors are experienced teachers who have completed a special mentoring course developed in cooperation with Aoyama Gakuin University.
Your tutor is there to answer all your questions about the course and guide you to certification.
While enrolled in the course you will have unlimited access to your own personal trainer-mentor.


The Teyl-JAPAN course contains a large database of information related to English teaching - reports on the latest EFL research, tips and tricks to apply in your classroom, lesson ideas and everything else you’ll need to make sure your students enjoy learning English with you.

Benefits of Online Learning

There are many advantages to taking an online course. In fact, most learners prefer online learning to traditional, and more restricted, classroom learning. Here are a few of the benefits of studying online:

  • You can keep teaching while you take the course.
  • You can study from anywhere in the world.
  • You can study at your own pace.
  • You can review less familiar concepts and skim over well-known material.
  • You can "re-learn" material at any time.
  • You can start or finish the course whenever you want.
  • You can have more one-on-one contact time with your tutor than in a regular training course.
  • There are fewer time pressures and less stress.
  • The interactive components of an online course will give you immediate response or feedback.
  • Course fees are lower and there are no hidden transportation or lodging costs. In addition, no income is lost because of time off work.

Is this course for you?

This course is primarily designed for teachers with some experience in teaching English to young learners. Those who have no teaching experience will need to complement their studies with teaching practice to become fully certified.

About EDVEC Inc.

Company Profile
Name Edvec Inc.
Established January, 1997
Incorporated April, 2001
Address Future Yamashitacho Bldg. 7F, 25-15 Yamashitacho Naka-ku, Yokohama,Japan 231-0023
Telephone (+81) 45-226-5494 (ERD Division)
URL www.edvec.co.jp (ERD Division)
www.edvec.com (SRC Division)
Capitalization \20m
President Basil Tonks
Type of business
  • Development and sales of English language educational materials
  • Development and sales of educational materials for all subject areas
  • Operation of speed-reading and English language schools
  • Development and sales of computer software
  • Employment services for new college graduates
Main banks UFJ Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Yokohama Bank
No. of full-time employees 16 (as of April, 2006)
Total no. of employees 34 (as of April, 2006)
Sales \467m (period ending March 2003)

Advance Teacher Training

We are a small but dedicated company that is ready to grow with the needs of the TEYL community.
Our goal is to provide the best teacher training for those who teach ESL, EFL, or EAL to children.

Our CertTEYL program provides teachers with the latest language learning methods and approaches. The feedback we receive from course participants is used to improve our CertTEYL program.

Because each teacher has a different style and approach to teaching, we strive to provide individualized solutions for each course participant.

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